How to keep your 925 silver bangles as good as new for a long time?

925 silver bangles

925 silver bangles and other jewelry pieces are made up of 92 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metal alloys. These metal alloys include either zinc, copper, or nickel. They are combined with silver to achieve better strength and improved durability. Hence, making it a suitable material for jewelry making. But there is a slight downfall to this material that is, it’s prone to tarnishing.

Whenever silver molecules are exposed to Sulphur or any other chemicals, they react causing the silver molecules to change their color and turn black. This is called the tarnishing. wholesale silver bangles If silver is exposed to air, water, salt, or any chemical, due to the presence of Sulphur molecules in them silver can easily lose its shine and turn black.

Almost every single person has a 925 silver bangles, necklace, earring or any other jewelry item kept in their jewelry boxes that can no longer be used because they have tarnished. Well not to worry as there are multiple solutions to this problem.

If you want to keep your silver jewelry good as new for a longer period, here are a few tips that can help you.


925 silver bangles silver jewelry


925 silver bangles


1: Keep out air:

Your newly bought delicately designed 925 silver bangles can only look new for a long period if you keep it safely: away from air. This is only possible if you keep it in an airtight case or a zip-lock bag as soon as you take them off. Because the air around us is not pure and contains some molecules of Sulphur and other chemicals that react with the silver jewelry taking away its grace and shine.

2: One at a time:

When you are storing your 925 silver bangles make sure to place each one of them in a separate case because placing more than one item can cause tangling and starching of your jewelry. This is something that you would want to avoid. For some extra care, you can also wrap a piece of soft cloth or tissue on your bangle before placing it in the case.


925 silver bangles

3: Keep it dry, keep it new:

Pure water is not harmful but, unfortunately, the water around us is not pure and contains contaminants. Its contact with the sterling silver jewelry initiates a reaction and oxidizes the surface of the jewelry. You should always take it off before taking a shower, washing hands or dishes, going to a swimming pool, or even going to a hot spring. This precaution is important because swimming pools contain chlorine and the water from the hot springs contain Sulphur. Both of these chemicals are extremely harmful to all the sterling silver accessories. Not only direct contact with water is dangerous but, even exposure to slight humidity can ruin their shine. It is important to take off all your 925 silver bangles and store them properly.

Placing a small silica gel packet in your jewelry case or pouch can be helpful as it absorbs all the moisture resulting in a fresh jewelry look for a longer period.

4: Take it off when necessary:

925 silver bangles It is difficult to constantly take off your bangles again and again but, it is better than completely running it and never being able to wear it again. Since sweat contains molecules of Sulphur it’s better to take off all sterling silver products before exercising or playing sports. You also need to take it off when using beauty products such as lotion or makeup as they contain chemicals too.

Prevention from chemicals alone is not enough, you should not wear them while cooking, gardening, or doing any chores related to heat as it can destroy any of your perfect jewelry articles. 

5: Polishing affected area:

No matter how hard you try to save the glow of your 925 silver bangles it will still turn black but, fortunately as it is made up of sterling silver so you can get rid of its tarnishing.

The easiest way to do so is by using the microfiber cloth that is made up of cotton along with some anti-tarnishing agents. You can use the cloth to gently rub the tarnished area but, make sure that you rub it in a stroke and not in a circular motion because it can scratch the surface. 925 sterling silver Do keep in mind that this type of cleaning is only done on specific parts that are affected by the chemicals. Therefore, avoid polishing the areas that have not tarnished yet. When you are removing the black surface make sure to use different sides of the cloth because using the same side might only cause more tarnishing.



6: pretty again:

There are liquid polishes available that can be used in the cleaning of the sterling silver jewelry. Since this polish is a chemical it reacts with the oxidized silver thus renewing the shiny surface. This is a fast and effective method if you want to restore your entire 925 silver bangles and not remove tarnish from a specific small part of it.