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Silver bracelets come in so many different designs and shape that it’s difficult to choose just one! There is a style for everyone, from jangly silver bangle bracelets to antique charm bracelets to silver cuffs. There are a few general guidelines that will help you make the most of your bracelet, regardless of the type […]


Silver is the most popular metal in the jewelry business due to its low cost and flexibility. However, with so many manufacturers making phony jewelry these days, finding reliable sterling silver suppliers has become difficult. So, if you’re starting a jewelry business and need to know how to choose the finest of the inexpensive sterling […]


The trademark marcasite bracelet is one of the most exquisite and incredibly appealing of accessories. Bracelets have indeed been popular for a long time and are a great addition to your jewelry collection, particularly if you frequently wear short-sleeved blouses, tanks, shirts, or skirts MARCASITE BRACELETS. There is a wide range of alternatives available for […]


Gold is frequently the favored metal of choice whether making an engagement ring, wedding band, reproduction of a cherished piece of jewelry, a personalized item for a customer, or a new piece for your jewelry business. Gold casting jewelry services enable you to manufacture high-quality pieces of a jewelry manufacturer. GOLD JEWELRY MANUFACTURER: Gold Casting […]

How a Texas mom turned her passion for jewelry and giving back into a billion-dollar?

Kendra Scott had just given birth to her first child a few months after 9/11. She recalls putting her son in a Baby Bjorn to her chest and traveling from store to store attempting to sell the jewelry she’d produced in her spare bedroom in Austin, Texas. The shops that placed her initial orders, she […]

Luxury Wholesale Silver Rings

Introduction: Jewelry has been used for hundreds of years, and it was typically worn as a symbol of prosperity and status. That is no longer true. Most people could now afford to purchase jewelry. When you give jewelry as a present, it is typically seen as a loving gesture. Jewelry is both beautiful and everlasting. […]

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry: Is It Easy to Pair for Casual Use

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry: Is It Easy to Pair for Casual Use Introduction: Wholesale sterling silver jewelry Sterling silver is the silver that contains 92.5% pure silver as silver is too soft to make any jewelry, so manufacturers add some impurity to it. Sterling silver jewelry range starts from even 10 to 20 dollars, and […]


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The wedding wholesale sterling silver jewellery plays a significant role in the wedding arrangements. Wedding jewellery isn’t merely an adornment; instead, it holds a lot more importance. Other than its attractiveness and look, the comfort of the jewellery matters a lot. The bride has to wear it throughout the whole function. That is why it […]

How to choose wholesale sterling silver jewelry

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Wholesale sterling silver jewelry can sometimes be challenging to choose from, considering the wide variety and the differences in prices.  Gold, in comparison, has a great range and is easy to choose from. But, sterling silver jewelry comes in multiple forms and has a wide variety, which becomes a vast range to choose from. They have […]