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wholesale sterling silver

The wedding wholesale sterling silver jewellery plays a significant role in the wedding arrangements. Wedding jewellery isn’t merely an adornment; instead, it holds a lot more importance. Other than its attractiveness and look, the comfort of the jewellery matters a lot. The bride has to wear it throughout the whole function. That is why it […]

How to choose wholesale sterling silver jewelry

sterling silver

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry can sometimes be challenging to choose from, considering the wide variety and the differences in prices.  Gold, in comparison, has a great range and is easy to choose from. But, sterling silver jewelry comes in multiple forms and has a wide variety, which becomes a vast range to choose from. They have […]

Tree of life, the immortally classic symbol for CZ jewelry: the origin, exciting fact, and its implementation

CZ jewelry

The Tree of life is a timeless, universal symbol of spirituality, wisdom, goodness, and redemption that in recent years, has become fashionable for tattoos, pendants, or t-shirts. Throughout history, different races and religions have baptized it with different names, but its meaning is always the same: source of life.   In almost all cultures you […]

Essential pieces of accessories marcasite jewelry that you cannot ever leave home without them

marcasite jewelry

    Hello readers! We are pleased to welcome you to the second and final article of the ‘Essential pieces of accessories marcasite jewelry that you cannot ever leave home without them’ series. In this series of articles, we show five essential accessories that you must not miss this season. Continuing from last time, here […]


Silver manufacturers

Silver is a metal that has a very impressive background. In old times it was used for the manufacturing of coins, jewelry, swords, as well as for silverware. It is a valuable metal and best thermal and electric conductor. Due to its unique and impressive properties, it is also used in the industry. Silver manufacturers […]

How to keep your 925 silver bangles as good as new for a long time?

925 silver bangles

925 silver bangles and other jewelry pieces are made up of 92 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metal alloys. These metal alloys include either zinc, copper, or nickel. They are combined with silver to achieve better strength and improved durability. Hence, making it a suitable material for jewelry making. But there is a slight […]

Why do people prefer silver girl jewelry over any other type of jewelry?

silver girl jewelry

Classic Silver girl jewelry Youngsters always prefer to buy things that are pocket-friendly and silver girl jewelry falls under this category. And keeping up with the cast changing fashion industry, it’s almost impossible to buy expensive things since they will fall out of fashion, and a new replacement would have to be suited or found. […]