Necklace Style Guide on Necklace and Neckline Matching

Necklace Style Guide

Read on our Necklace Style Guide if you’re looking to flaunt your neckline with some new stylish collection.  A necklace is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry

that you can wear on yourself. Necklaces have the ability to lift up any type of dress or outfit that you wear on any day and on any event. It is important to know that there is a whole lot of variety of different shapes, sizes, and lengths of necklaces that go with different types of necklines. In order to understand which necklace goes with which type of neckline, read ahead to find a guide on how to wear a necklace the right way.


Necklace Style Guide beautiful for you


Necklace Style Guide


  •     Off-Shoulder: Chokers

For a strapless neckline, the best type of necklace to wear is statement chokers. For strapless necklines, you want more attention towards your neck rather than the body of the dress, so to make it look more attractive, wholesale necklace go for metallic chokers because they are shiny or you may even go for layered chokers as they’ll give your neck a very bold look.


Necklace Style Guide


  •     Sweetheart: Elegant Pendant Necklace Style

A sweetheart neckline is perfect for wearing tiny beads or elegant pendants. You can go for golden or silver necklaces according to your dress colors and wear heart, star or oval shaped pendants that you have available. Bead necklace styles are also suitable for this type of neckline

so for example, if you are wearing a black dress, you can go for a bright color beaded necklace, like multi-color and turquoise or if you are wearing a yellow dress, you may wear a red-beaded necklace.


Necklace Style Guide

  •     Turtleneck:  Long Necklace Style

We all know that turtle necks don’t leave any space for your neck to show when you wear it. This is not an issue at all as you can style your favorite long-chain necklaces with large pendants in them. You may also go for multi-layer long chain necklace styles as they are just the right match for turtlenecks.


Necklace Style Guide

  •     Asymmetrical: Necklace Style

Many of you might find wearing a necklace with an asymmetrical neckline very confusing. This is the easiest neckline to style as with this one, you can wear any of your pearl/crystal necklaces or loop-chain chokers and it would do just fine.


Necklace Style Guide

  •     Deep V-Neck:  Long Statement Necklace

Deep V-neck is all about wearing long statement necklaces. If you have those long necklaces hanging in your closet for ages, take them out and wearing them with deep V-neckline as they bring out the best in wearing large chunky necklaces or pendants.


Necklace Style Guide

  •     Square Neck: Angular Necklace Style

Many of you sometimes confuse a sweetheart neckline with a square neck; they both are absolutely different from each other. With a square neckline, you can wear angular necklace style as they look

very charming with the flat neckline. If you don’t have these ones available, then you may simply just wear a tiny pendant necklace and it’ll do.


Necklace Style Guide

  •     Collar Shirts: Choker

Who says you cannot wear a necklace with collar neckline shirts? If you want some nice attention towards your collarbone, then lift up those collars and wear the classiest chokers with pendants that you have in your jewelry collection.

Necklace Style Guide


  •     Boat Neck: Beaded Necklace Style

Boat necks are very beautiful and to make them look more attractive, try wearing long beaded necklace style. There are so many types of beaded necklaces that you can style with boat necks. From multiple-layers to even chunky knotted beads, you have plenty of options to choose from.


Necklace Style Guide

  •     Halter Neck: Slim Pendant

Halter necks leave very little room for a necklace to show, but that does not mean you don’t wear one at all. Try wearing slim pendants with halter neckline and see for yourself how amazing it looks on you.


Here’s an overview of all the necklines with right necklaces as a guide for you to understand better:


So, ladies, we have told you all the best ways on how to wear a necklace with different necklines. It’s time that you start wearing those poor little necklaces that have been hanging in your closet for so long and rock them with your chic outfits. 925 sterling silver Flaunt your neckline and Explore our collection of all necklace styles from dainty designs to classic silhouettes and fashion statement pieces.